Cebu Design Week 2019 - My First Bazaar Experience

After I launched The Positivity Cure to the public last August, I had a lot of plans that I wanted to do for the brand. One is to start a shop, where I can sell products that promote happiness and positivity. Then, my sister invited me to join a bazaar in Cebu City called Cebu Design Week. My sister is a crafter who runs a handmade shop and she told me to share the booth with her so I can start putting my plans into action. I was excited but hesitant at the same time since I lacked the time and resources to make my own products at home. But despite the uncertainty, I took a leap of faith and went with it.

Days before the bazaar, I experienced sleepless nights mass-producing my products. My inner self-critic was kicking into overdrive as I kept ruminating about how my products were. I was really anxious wondering if people will love and take my products seriously. My boyfriend assured me that I will do good and my products are sellable.

Then, the day of the bazaar came (September 13 to 15) and there I am, officially part of the Cebu Design Week Maker's Market as The Positivity Cure. I was ready to face my potential customers and promote my brand. Here are some photos that were taken during the 3-day bazaar: