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Hello, I am Mikee — founder of The Positivity Cure. I am a mental health advocate and a licensed Psychometrician from the Philippines. The Positivity Cure is a platform that promotes positivity and creativity in our daily lives. It focuses on mental health, self-care, personal development, creative journaling, and the therapeutic benefits of art.

The whole thing began as a small idea way back in 2018 when I was having an early quarter-life crisis. I wanted to pursue both my passion for arts and psychology so I started a passion project where I can marry the two. It was in August 2019 when I finally launched it to the public.

The Positivity Cure consists of four things: the advocacy, the products, the charity, and the community:


Advocacy: Mental health has always been neglected by people as if it is not integral in our life. Living in the Philippines where the journey of normalizing mental health is not yet perfect, I decided to do my part in promoting the importance of mental health to make life worth living. The core of this platform is mainly influenced by the integrative models in Positive Psychology and Art Therapy. Hence, positivity and creativity.

Other people still think that the term mental health is only for people who are "sick" or "needs therapy". But mental health is for everybody, it is something that people should also prioritize. Mental wellbeing is important in our life to make it worth living and to find meaning.

Products: I also design and sell positivity-themed products in the hopes that I can show my support to people mostly through affirmative reminders. It was September of 2019 when I joined my first-ever bazaar in Cebu City. There, I met fellow creatives and was invited to be part of the iCare Mental Health Expo, an event that is organized dedicated to Mental Health Awareness.

The aim is to help people achieve mental and emotional wellness through positive content. We live in a world full of chaos and insecurity, so creating a platform that spread a tiny bit of happiness in everyday life is like a breath of fresh air.

In February 2020, I decided to join Craft Story Cebu and rented a small space for my products to be more accessible to people who needed a pick-me-up. Then I launched my online shop by the end of May 2020.

A portion of every sale that I make from my products goes to a small charity program I initiated called TPC Lil Act of Kindness. The idea is to touch lives by doing little acts of kindness to different beneficiaries. Mostly, people coming from the underprivileged community, children with disability, and animal shelters.

Growing up, I've always wanted to be part of a community where loving and accepting yourself more is taught and discussed. That is why I decided to start an online community that focuses on self-love.

I also started an online community called the Self Love Club. Our community is dedicated to embracing self-love and its positive effects on our mental health. The goal is to establish a safe place where members can connect, discuss, and share personal stories about their self-love journey without the fear of being judged.

While doing everything as a one-woman team, I'm also taking my graduate studies in Clinical Psychology at the University of San Carlos. Someday, I also want to publish my own self-help book.

If you love what I'm doing, feel free to support The Positivity Cure on Ko-fi for just the price of a morning coffee! You can also follow me on YoutubeFacebook, Instagram, and Pinterest to see more of the good stuff.


Keep smiling!